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Rascal Kids Bike 14" - Rascal 14 - 2023 - Flame

Rascal Kids Bike 14" - Rascal 14 - 2023 - Flame

Rascal Kids Bike 14" - Rascal 14 - 2023 - Flame

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Given the tense situation regarding the supply of individual components, the bikes come with partly different equipment. The quality level of the alternative components used, if any, corresponds to that of the original components.


Superb transition from scooter to bike

The Rascal 14 children's bike is the smallest bike in the Rascal series. That's why the focus was on light weight, child-friendly geometry and full control from the start. Thanks to these features, your child will learn to pedal easily and quickly. Without compromise, the Rascal 14 is the perfect choice for small cyclists.

Features of the Rascal Vélo Enfant 14" - Rascal 14

  • Lightweight aluminum brake levers with adjustable reach for small hands.
  • Brushed aluminum frame with semi-transparent paint.
  • Frame geometry optimized for children.
  • Low weight of the bicycle.
  • The belt drive is a lightweight, safe and stylish solution, which also requires little maintenance!
  • With a specially designed 75 mm hub, the fork is also narrower and therefore lighter.
  • The Rascal 14 children's bike meets the strict safety criteria of the international standard ISO 8098.
  • Perfect for children aged 3 to 5 years and measuring between 90 and 105 cm.
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