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Ghost Lector SF LC - 29" Carbon Mountainbike - 2023 - light grey / black

Ghost Lector SF LC - 29" Carbon Mountainbike - 2023 - light grey / black

Ghost Lector SF LC - 29" Carbon Mountainbike - 2023 - light grey / black

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Given the tense situation regarding the supply of individual components, the bikes come with partly different equipment. The quality level of the alternative components used, if any, corresponds to that of the original components.


Race Ready!

This bike is Ghost's DNA in its purest form. Extremely light, extremely rigid, extremely biting - and of course extremely fast! This bike has been designed for competition and it doesn't matter if you are facing international competition in competition or if you want to fight for a new PB on your training circuit: the LECTOR pushes you to your limits!

And of course, the racing genes are also reflected in the optics: the provocative and stylish mix of angular tube shapes, smooth transitions and a clean look is a clear statement in favor of speed.


Features of the Ghost Lector SF LC

  • All-carbon frame
  • SuperFit Cup
  • Excellent equipment
  • SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed transmission
  • Anti-vibration rear frame
  • Mounting points for bottle holders


Details of the Lector SF LC

Inspired by the operation of a leaf spring, the rear structure of the Lector has been completely redesigned, which minimizes vibrations at the rear of the frame. The result: better traction at high speeds and increased driving comfort. The Flex Stays in the stays and bases give the rear structure the ability to move directionally upwards, which is a big advantage in terms of comfort.

To give the bases and stays the space necessary for their anti-vibration action, a Flat Mount brake mount was chosen. It looks compact and solves space problems.


Clean installation, easy access.

Invisible, but accessible: the special shape of the down tube makes the cables disappear. If there is anything, it can always be accessed without much effort.

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