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SALE: Love Your Self Keyring

SALE: Love Your Self Keyring

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Say Bonjour to OHVERLEE Posi Keyrings ✨ A dream product that was written on our “it would be cool if we did” list ✨ A style of keyring that we’ve been obsessed with for years ✨ Then 2020 happened and threw a curveball ✨ Our priorities shifted and ideas that had seemed easy weren’t as straightforward and the ideas that had been a bit out there and unrealistic were fast becoming a reality ✨ Crazy how this year has turned out huh? These keyrings have taught us that sometimes you have to do the things that seem so unrealistic because you grow SO MUCH in order to achieve them! ✨

Each design is meant to bring some much-needed posi vibes to the recipient, whether that’s you or the babe you decide to gift a keyring to. OHVERLEE Posi Keyrings are the perfect way to send a message, something tangible that you/they can hold and remind them of you or spur them onto keep going ✨

Black with gold engraved words “LOVE YOUR SELF” ✨

Oversized plastic motel-style keyring/key fob with gold hardware. Keyring measures approx 10 x 5 cm ✨

Wrapped in tissue paper and sent in PIP boxes.

If you are gifting the keyring please let us know in the pop-up, we’ll pop in a gift card of your choosing to add a note just for them. If we’re sending directly to your recipient we’ll handwrite your note on for you.