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Ghost MTB Carbon - LECTOR FS SF Universal - 2023 - Glossy Carbon / Riot Red

Ghost MTB Carbon - LECTOR FS SF Universal - 2023 - Glossy Carbon / Riot Red

Ghost MTB Carbon - LECTOR FS SF Universal - 2023 - Glossy Carbon / Riot Red

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Given the tense situation regarding the supply of individual components, the bikes come with partly different equipment. The quality level of the alternative components used, if any, corresponds to that of the original components.


Super lightweight Race-Fully

Developed with the support of Ghost's cross-country team and the world's toughest courses in the crosshairs: The LECTOR FS is a milestone in the evolution of fully racing! Thanks to the SuperFit geometry, each runner will find the perfect fit frame – full carbon, of course.

Thanks to its geometry and reduced weight, you climb the mountains brilliantly, but you ride downhill with much more comfort and safety thanks to the all-suspended chassis - from 100mm to 120mm depending on the size of the frame. The proven TractionLink system smooths even rough sections without losing propulsion. Not only is it fun, but it also saves energy.

Features of the Ghost LECTOR FS SF Universal

  • SuperFit Cup for XC and marathon runners
  • All-carbon frame with TractionLink rear suspension concept
  • One-piece return lever
  • Excellent equipment
  • Mounting points for bottle holders
  • Internal cable passage

Details of the LECTOR FS SF Universal

Perfectly matched chassis

TractionLink ensures that your bike never loses grip, regardless of rough terrain. The kinematics are characterized by a particularly balanced ratio between the neutrality of the drive and the performance of the rear suspension. Travel is used optimally, shocks are absorbed sovereignly and brake strokes are a thing of the past.

Simple, sober and rigid

The one-piece construction of the rear triangle offers great rigidity, since the rear triangle consists of fixed fittings. And the one-piece return lever offers more resistance to cross loads. Thus, the stresses on the fulcrum points and on the entire rear structure are minimized.

Competitively oriented

The people at Ghost know what it takes on the track. On the one hand, because the riders of the team constantly provide them with a lot of feedback. On the other hand, the development team itself is made up of former riders (some of whom are still active). They deliver a product ready to run: out of the box, ready for the track.

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